Meteor Azure is a command line tool for deploying Meteor applications on Azure App Service.

The project is designed with an emphasis on simple configuration out-of-the-box, with extensive customisation for advanced usage.

Read the tutorial to get started, and report any issues or questions on our GitHub repo.

CLI Features

  • Cross platform (macOS, Linux and Windows)
  • One command deploy
  • Load Meteor settings from file
  • Auto-detect correct Node/NPM versions
  • Track deployment progress in real-time
  • Use custom web config

Azure platform benefits

  • Auto-scaling
  • Zero-downtime deployment
  • High availability (with 99.95% SLA)
  • 34 regions around the world
  • Dedicated VMs
  • Multi-core session affinity
  • Configure advanced architectures (e.g multi-region failover)
  • Security compliance (ISO, SOC and PCI)